„Union der medizinischen Versorgung- und Hilfsorganisationen-Deutschland“


  • 1 Name, seat of the association
    • 1.1 The association bears the name UOSSM GERMANY ” Union of medical supply and aid organisations – Germany”.
    • 1.2 The association “UOSSM GERMANY” shall be registered in the register of associations and then bears the addition e.V.
    • 1.3 The seat of the association is Berlin.


  • 2 Business year
    The business year is the calendar year. The general meeting shall be held in the second half of the calendar year at the latest.


  • 3 Purpose of the Association
    • 3.1 The Association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the Tax Code.
    • 3.2 Purpose of the association is:
      • 3.2.1 Promotion of aid for war victims, war-damaged persons and disaster victims.
      • 3.2.2. promotion of the public health system.
      • 3.3 The purpose of the statutes is realised in particular by:
        • 3.3.1 The collection and distribution of medical and surgical material for emergency hospitals in war and disaster zones as aid for the suffering civilian population.
        • 3.3.2 Coordination of volunteer doctors and medical staff for existing hospitals and medical centres.
        • 3.3.3 Providing medical aid for the seriously ill and wounded in hospitals in countries bordering war zones and in Germany.
        • 3.3.4 Psychological care for victims in war and disaster zones, especially women and children.


  • 4 Selflessness and use of funds
    • 4.1 The association “UOSSM GERMANY” is selflessly active, it does not pursue its own economic purposes. Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive any contributions from funds of the corporation.
    • 4.2 No person may be favoured by expenditures, which are alien to the purpose of the corporation, or by disproportionately high remuneration.
    • 4.3 The association rejects any influence of politically or religiously motivated groups at home or abroad, without wanting to influence the political or personal opinion of the individual member.


  • 5 Membership
    • 5.1 Any licensed physician resident in the Federal Republic of Germany and any medically active person interested in participation in the sense of the Articles of Association may become a full member of the Association upon application.
    • 5.2 The Executive Board decides on applications for membership (except honorary membership). The decision on the application must be communicated to the applicant. In case of rejection, the applicant is entitled to appeal to the general meeting. The General Assembly shall make the final decision.
      • 5.2.1 Proposals for the appointment of honorary members shall be submitted to the general meeting and reasons given. The general meeting then decides on the application.
    • 5.3 The membership fee of 50.00 Euro is to be paid once a year by each member of the association and transferred to the account of the association. The collection and alteration of membership fees are proposed by the executive committee, but require the approval of the general meeting.
    • 5.4 Termination of membership: Membership ends through death, resignation, loss of civil rights and permanent abandonment of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. The resignation must be notified to the board in writing. If a member considerably damages the reputation or interests of the association, the board can unanimously withdraw the membership. The member may object to the withdrawal within one month of receipt of the written notice by the Executive Board. The objection will be decided at the next general meeting and no legal action will be taken. Until the decision the membership is suspended.


  • 6 Organs of the Association
    Organs of the association are 1. general meeting 2. the executive committee


  • 7 General meeting
    • 7.1 The general meeting is the supreme organ of the association. It consists of all members. Honorary members are present but do not have the right to vote.
    • 7.2 The general meeting is convened once a year by the executive committee. The invitation takes place in writing with notification of the agenda and with a notice period of four weeks. The agenda must be supplemented if a member requests this in writing at least one week before the scheduled date. The amendment shall be announced at the beginning of the meeting.
    • 7.3 If the interests of the Association so require or a written request from at least one third of the members entitled to vote so requires, an extraordinary general meeting shall be convened.
    • 7.4 Each member has one vote after six months of membership. The right to vote can only be exercised personally or for a member on presentation of a written power of attorney. Voting is decided by a simple majority of the votes cast.
    • 7.5 The general meeting has a quorum regardless of the number of members present.
    • 7.6 The General Assembly shall be chaired by the Chairman of the Association. In his absence the deputy chairman.
    • 7.7 The general meeting can make decisions in all important internal and external affairs of the association, to which the executive committee is bound, within the framework of the statutes as the supreme decision-making body.
    • 7.8 The General Assembly is exclusively reserved:
      • 7.8.1 The election of the executive committee, which is elected for two years.
      • 7.8.2 The election of two auditors each for the current fiscal year.
      • 7.8.3 The acceptance of the annual report of the executive committee as well as the discharge of the executive committee.
      • 7.8.4 The acceptance of the report of the cash auditors and the separate discharge of the treasurer.
      • 7.8.5 The determination of changes in contributions.
      • 7.8.6 Exclusion of members in case of contradiction.
      • 7.8.7 The change of the statute.
      • 7.8.8. Decisions on alliances with international aid organisations.
      • 7.8.9 The resolution on the dissolution of the association.
      • 7.8.10. A majority of two thirds of the votes cast is required for amendments to the statutes.
      • 7.8.11. A transcript of the course of the general meeting must be drawn up within six weeks. The minutes are to be signed by the chairman of the general meeting and the minute-keeper of the meeting.


  • 8 The Board
    The executive committee leads the business of the association, administers the assets and implements the resolutions of the general meeting. It decides on the admission of members. It consists of:
  1. the chairman
  2. the Vice-Chairman
  3. the Treasurer
  4. the secretary
  5. the press spokesman

If a member of the executive committee resigns prematurely, his position will then be temporarily held by the chairman or his deputy until the next general meeting.

The first chairman, the deputy chairman and the treasurer are the legal representatives within the meaning of § 26 BGB. Two of the legal representatives jointly represent the Association in and out of court.


  • 9 Dissolution of the Association
    The resolution on the dissolution of the association requires at least two thirds of the votes of all ordinary members. If fewer members are present, a new general meeting with an invitation period of two weeks shall be convened for voting. The quorum, in accordance with §7, first general meeting can instruct the executive committee to carry out a written survey for the application for dissolution of the association instead of a new general meeting. Only those answers will be taken into account which have been received by the Executive Board at the latest on the last day of the month following the written survey. For the second general meeting, a simple majority of the ordinary members present is sufficient to decide on the dissolution of the association; for the written survey, a simple majority of the members answering in writing is sufficient. In the event of the dissolution or cancellation of the Association or if its previous purpose ceases to apply, the Association’s assets shall be transferred to Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V., Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin, subject to the condition that Doctors Without Borders shall use the transferred Association’s assets directly and exclusively for tax-privileged purposes.


  • 10 Authorization of the Executive Board
    The executive committee is authorised to decide on amendments to the statutes which are required by the local court for the execution of the first entry in the register of associations or by the tax office for the recognition of non-profit status.