New wave of violence and human suffering in Syria’s south

Due to the new escalation of violence since 15 June 2018, more than 275,000 people have been displaced in southern Syria. Often, they have to leave their homes with the bare minimum and basic necessities. They URGENTLY need humanitarian aid, shelter and basic health care access. Daraa, a region in southern Syria, is rapidly becoming a severe humanitarian catastrophe. Caught between the new escalation of violence and borders in the south, more than 200,000 people are left without any further place to go. (Donate now)


Daraa hosts many hundreds of thousands of people who were formerly displaced from other areas of the country, seeking cover and shelter. And hope. With the new wave of violence, they become Internally Displaced (IDPs) again, often for a third or forth time in the past seven years. In less than two weeks of time, five medical facilities in Daraa were attacked and put out of service. More than 340 civil casualties were reported since June 20th, including three of our own colleagues. Maysoun, our midwife, was killed together with her daughter in an explosion. Her second daughter, losing both her mother and sister, was brutally injured. Until now (5th July 2018 | 14:20 EST) more than 650 civilians were wounded and are in desperate need for medical care.

Children fleeing on trucks.

The hundreds of thousands fleeing from violence and attacks in the northern and eastern parts of Daraa are in desperate need for humanitarian assistance. Especially pregnant women and children are facing a devastating situation. The urgency for providing mobile support and assistance is important to follow the people fleeing in masses and unable to pause.

As one of the largest NGOs in Syria on site, we can not tolerate such human suffering. At least not as long as there is any prospect of hope that we can take to stand up for human dignity and save lives – no matter how small.(Donate now)

UOSSM has several medical centers and clinics in the region and has a broad network of emergency medical care. In order to be able to help the fleeing people there is a need for mobile clinics. All mobile clinics that are available to us are already in action to treat the expellees around the clock. But we are not equipped for this huge influx of people in urgent need of help. At least three more mobile clinics in southern Syria are needed to provide basic medical care to the people.

Child in front of a tent.As one of the largest NGOs within Syria, we can not turn a blind eye on this massive human suffering. At least not as long as there is any glimpse of hope and means for action. Our teams on the ground do everything that is humanly possible for the people in Daraa. Saving lives- daily, risking their own. Defending even the smallest glimpse of hope. But without enhanced mobile support, their chances are extraordinarily confined.

Mobile clinics are desperately needed. While UOSSM and its partners already relocated all mobile teams and clinics possible to somehow respond to the dramatic movement and needs of those fleeing, at least three more mobile clinics will be needed to provide at least basic care and humanitarian support for the thousands affected. One mobile clinic can provide medical care and humanitarian assistance for at least 100 people a day. Especially for children and elderly, pregnant women and chronically ill, the mobile aid and medical care may in often cases decide about life or death.

Help us help the civil population in Syria, which has been persecuted by war, hunger and violence for more than seven years. Your donation will be crucial for helping us provide mobile assistance for the hundreds of thousands in need. Under normal conditions:

  • for 5€ we can provide medical care for one Person
  • 15€ are enough to support a family of three
  • Within one hour, a mobile clinic can provide medical care for about four families or twelve individuals (cost: 65 €)
  • In one day, a mobile clinic reaches about 100 people (cost 500 €)
  • In one week, a mobile clinic can provide medical and humanitarian assistance for more than 600 people (cost 3,375 €)
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Transactional, infrastructure and administrative costs are already included in the examples; these are not charged separately. Depending on the payment method, up to 0.28 € + 2.95% of the donation amount may be incurred as transaction costs. In addition, 7% of the donation goes to the local UOSSM office in Gaziantep for the organization of mobile clinic operations. The organization and administration of the campaign in Germany is financed by 3% of the donation.

More than 200,000 people are fleeing from escalating violence.


The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) is one of the largest humanitarian and medical NGOs actively helping in Syria. Since 2012, we have helped more than 3.5 million people. We are a UNOCHA Category A Partner and an ISO certified organization, with more than 1,500 local employees: So we can guarantee that your donations will arrive where they are needed the most.

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